About Me

My Background

Dedication, creativity & hard work have allowed me to do what I love.  Formerly involved in Electrical Engineering allows me to incorporate science & technology to build & maintain my studio.  This experience also compliments my artistic ability. I am a self taught glass artist.  I have made my livelihood as a glass blower for +25 years.    Raw materials, natural elements, minerals, age old techniques, lots of heat, human lung power and love for what I do make up each piece of blown glass.

My Medium

Blown glass

My Inspiration

Working glass gives me a creative outlet and new learning experience with each piece I create.  I love the flow of the glass, the workability of the glass, the incorporating and manipulating of the glass, the dance performed working the glass.  Much to my delight, my expression for each piece is forever held in time.

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DL Fenn

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